2021 NWSQ Series Update

With the funkiness of COVID, we’ve run out of time to do as many SQ shows as we would like.  So we’ve lowered the minimum requirement to an invitation for the NWSQ Finale on Sept 5 at Cruzin to Colby, but also firming up the membership date.

You must meet all 3 of these requirements:
1. Have a current (paid) 2021 IASCA membership purchased before August 18.
2. Entered at least one of the two 2021 NWSQ shows (April 10 at Audio Northwest or Aug 1 at Waves of Olympia).
3. Entered in SQC at Surf City on Aug 21.

The SQ portion of Cruzin to Colby is invite only.  The SPL portion of Cruzin to Colby is open to anyone.

The NWSQ Finale will also be pre-registration only.  The preregistration will be open Aug 24 to Sep 2.

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